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Printable Charts

Birthday Planner

birthday-plannerThe Birthday Planner!

Our family has lots of birthdays in the summer! Two of my daughters have birthdays in August that are only two weeks apart. It’s wonderful to be less busy and have the time to plan a really fun party. I created this birthday party planner to help me remember all the details that need to be taken care of.

This birthday planner helps you organize your guests, invitations, decorations, games, gift ideas, and your shopping list!

Visit my Etsy store today to purchase and download this file.  For $2.99 you will own the file and will be able to print it out whenever you need it. Etsy now offers instant downloads, which is wonderful!




Pregnancy Countdown Chart

Pregnancy Countdown ChartThe Pregnancy Countdown Chart has come a long way since it was first created.  I used a chart during each of my pregnancies, and I had so much fun counting down the days to the birth of each of my daughters.  I have redesigned it several times, and it is now available in many color choices.

Directions: choose three different colors to keep track of your trimesters (use stickers or markers).  The instruction card that comes with the chart explains exactly how to start and on what days to switch colors.  You will always know how many days are left and what week you are in (out of 40 weeks).  This is such a fun and visual activity for siblings while Mom is pregnant!

There are many chart colors now available in the Everything Charts Etsy Shop. Pink and blue are great if you already know the gender of your baby. If not, you can choose from black, green, red, orange, or purple.
Red Pregnancy Countdown ChartBlue Pregnancy Countdown ChartGreen Pregnancy Countdown ChartPink Pregnancy Countdown ChartOrange Pregnancy Countdown ChartBlack Pregnancy Countdown Chart