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Printable Games

Valentine’s Day Free Printable

Bingo-page2Valentine’s Day Bingo!Bingo-page1

Items Needed: scissors, glue, and candy hearts for marking

My kids love to play Bingo.  These game cards would be great for that upcoming Valentine class party!  Print one of each card for each player (cardstock is best). Have each player cut out the words in the boxes and glue them in a random order on the Bingo card – that way each player’s card will be different.  There will be left over words that are not used.  Print an extra word card for the caller, cut them up, and put them in a bowl or a baggie.  The kids can mark the words called with candy hearts or even just little pieces of paper.  Click the link below to download the pdf!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Click HERE for a pdf including both pages of Valentine Bingo (do not click the images above)